Decision 2012

It is only September, but the people of Kershaw County are already pondering a decision that could have a monumental impact on their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren.  Responsible citizens want to make the right choice, and the best way to do that is to do their research and be ready when the big day arrives.  They’ll consult with friends and family to determine the best option available.  This is the moment that will determine their destinies.

Yes friends, we are of course talking about the best place to set up your family to view the 2012 Lights of Lugoff parade.  Do you want to be near the beginning of the parade route so that you can wear the “I saw the new floats first” badge of honor?  Maybe in the middle so that you can catch all the action after the parade participants have worked out the early jitters but before they tire out?  Perhaps you are an “end of the route” type that wants to savor the fun until the very last possible moment.  No matter your parade route location affiliation, you’ll want to get there early and get just the right spot.

So mark your calendars for December 8, 2012 at 6:30 PM and cast your vote for the best night of the year!


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